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There are some wonderful changes happening at Blanca Peak Dental Center for the year 2024!

We will no longer be billing nor accepting insurance plans starting February 2, 2024. However, we are offering a new in-house membership plan instead. This plan is not insurance. In many ways, it is actually better than insurance! We found that many insurance companies were limiting our patients from obtaining the best care possible for themselves and for their families. Insurance companies were unnecessarily delaying payments and denying patients services that they need and are entitled to. Instead of continuing to fight with insurance companies, we have decided to eliminate the middle man (the insurance company) altogether. There will be no dealing with: denial of claims, pre-approvals, waiting periods, and annual maximums.

Blanca Peak Dental Center is offering 4 different tiers of Membership Plans to suite every individual or family needs. Some of the major benefits of our plans include:

*You can start using the plan right away!

*No waiting periods

*100% Coverage of Preventative care (e.g. cleanings, exams, x-rays)

*10-30% discount on additional dental procedures including procedures insurance typically don't cover (e.g. botox, fillers, implants, veneers, and more)

*and much more!

Some of our plans are:

Child Plan, Adult Plan, Perio Plan, and even a Senior Plan!

Call our office and speak with us for more details.

As always, we value each and every one of you and we appreciate your support in the everchanging field of dentistry. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Happy Holidays from all of us from Blanca Peak Dental Center

Comprehensive Dental Care in Alamosa, CO

Welcome to Blanca Peak Dental Center! Dr. Sarah Nazeri and her team are here to serve the smiles of current and prospective patients in Alamosa and the greater San Luis Valley area. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Nazeri enjoys providing a pleasant, fun experience for patients of all ages. We strive to maintain a light and friendly atmosphere at our office, located on the corner of Edison Avenue and First Street.

What We Offer

Your smile, which represents both your oral and overall health, is our top priority. We offer a broad range of compassionate service to all of our patients, from routine cleanings to advanced dental procedures. Our practice has state-of-the-art technology, such as digital imaging, intra-oral cameras, and the Biolase® dental laser to provide treatment that is both efficient and comprehensive.

Along with preventive care and thorough exams, our services include:

Because keeping good oral hygiene habits outside of our office is essential in maintaining a healthy smile, our dentist focuses on educating patients on prevention and at-home care. Prevention can go a long way toward ensuring your oral and overall health, and we want to work with you during regular visits to guarantee your continued well-being.

What Sets us Apart

Dr. Nazeri and her team are aware that dentistry has gained a something of a poor reputation in the public eye. Our goal is to change this perception, making appointments as pleasant as possible because prioritizing your oral health should yield benefits, not stress. The relationships we build with patients are incredibly important to us, motivating our team to treat you as an individual as we provide comprehensive dental care. We work with you to make treatment, whether routine or complex, a comfortable experience. During each visit you can enjoy an operating room with visual variety, thanks to our themed lighting; this helps each session feel more like a visit, instead of a appointment.

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